A downloadable game for Windows

The Bird stole the Pirates Cutlass - find the bird and get the Cutlass back!
A short adventure with mini-games bringing you into the game with Oculus Rift DK2 support and the Leap Motion (desk position!).

Everything in the game is scaled 1:15, so it's like playing with a gigantic dolls house ... of a factory.

This game lets you interact with your environment in all 3 dimensions, which works very well with the depth perception inside the Oculus Rift.
With a Leap Motion on your desk (not mounted to the OR!) you put your hands into Virtual Reality. But thanks to scaling your reach is amplified and you can precisely navigate objects through the room.

What you can do ...
... guide floating coins by push or pull
... move wooden boxes and barrels around
... hold a tiny version of your hands in front of your eyes
... shot bottles with a magic ball
... turn on or play with lights
... play with fire

Press Bird To Play is a one man project created in Unity.

How To Play:

Press "r" at any time to center the camera (usually it is needed once when you start).

You can touch the pirates head to turn on or off his following of your hand when it gets close. If he is activated the candle on his hat is lit.
The rest is just experimentation and riddle solving - and having fun.

The Pirate and the game world are build upon the same assets I am using to create "VR Adventure - The Sorcerer's Labyrinth", a modern interpretation of classic roleplaying games and adventures like Chrono Trigger and Monkey Island in VR.
Most artwork, models, sfx and music used in my games have been created by great artists all over the world. They were either free or purchased. I want to say thank you to all these artists enabling small indie game developers to create nice looking and fun experiences.

Install instructions

requires DX11 GPU, Leap Motion (desk) and Oculus Rift.
CPU: i5 and better recommended
GPU: GTX670 and better recommended

Installation - just unzip the file and start the game (best use Direct2Rift for best latency results)


PressBirdToPlay.zip 270 MB